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MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) Dailymotion video borks the video-area

speaking of bad news...YouTube does not always offer an 'embed' option for its videos, sometimes you can find this: "embedding disabled by request"...and unfortunately this is exactly what happens with the Academy's official videos. :( For instance:

MalviLLe MalviLLe napisał(a) o New Cinema Paradise

L' elegante inchino di Tornatore all'arte cinematografica. Non solo, è anche uno di quei (pochi) film dove la storia più si fà locale, e più risulta essere universale. Se non l' avete ancora visto, non perdete altro tempo.

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) where to buy?

Hi! give a look here: ..I hope it is helpful! ;)

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) links to IMDB on movie pages

the link on this page is wrong: Die Welle on IMDB it takes people to unknown TV series. Die Welle on IMDB is here: Said that, I like this new feature!

MalviLLe MalviLLe napisał(a) o The Boat That Rocked

A truly enjoyable film...brilliant acting...on dvd you can find so many deleted scenes. ... I don't see why they cut it out.

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) nice video inspired by "V for Vendetta".

while searching for something else, I found this nice video on Vimeo about one of my favorite scene of "V for Vendetta": the opening monologue [when V introduced himself to Evey]. The author is Mancel Lindsey

MalviLLe MalviLLe napisał(a) o Generazione 1000 euro

"Questa è l'unica epoca dell'umanità in cui c'è gente che torna in Molise" _ Francesco (Francesco Mandelli), il coinquilino del protagonista. Solo il suo personaggio vale tutto il film. Non è un capolavoro del cinema nè un trattato di economia, è però una godibile commedia (sicuramente migliore di altre pellicole sul precariato tra cui "Tutta la vita davanti" di Paolo Virzì).

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) Red Desert (KAH)

well...Like Jack Nicholson said: In an Antonioni film you see things rather than hear them he was referring to Antonioni's The Passenger(Professione reporter)

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) rate acting ability

great job!

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) Formatting

Italic font -- more Italic than Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds after the slash there should be an "i"

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) 66th Venice International Film Festival

I missed this one, just added to my wishlist.

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) 66th Venice International Film Festival

no problem. Yes, I agree with you about Colin Firth. It's a good period for Israeli cinema, this year they made Waltz With Bashir ..and now Lebanon!

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) 66th Venice International Film Festival

Best Screenplay: Life during wartime Best Actress: Ksenia Rappoport in La Doppia Ora Best Actor: Colin Firth in A Single Man Special jury prize: Fatih Akin Soul Kitchen Silver lion for best director: Shirin Neshat Zanan-e-bedun-e-mardan (Women without men) Golden lion for best film: Shmulik Maoz LEBANON

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) Ahasin Wetei (Asianfilmbuff)

we'll see, tomorrow the prize giving ceremony at Venice film festival ;)

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) Cary Fukunaga's SIN NOMBRE: Vicoria para nadie (ChrisKnipp)

(oops! yes, you are right! )

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) Cary Fukunaga's SIN NOMBRE: Vicoria para nadie (ChrisKnipp)

to correct the title: Profile -> Log In -> (on the left you have: Films, Contacts, on "Manage reviews" -> a list with your published reviews will appear -> edit Bye!

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) Who's the bastard? (michuk)

Wow! Sounds great! I have to wait until October to see it in Italy..yes, you read right..OCTOBER! :(((((((

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) Search needs some work

yes, I admit it, it's an edge case. Thanks

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) Search needs some work

I don't want to offend the algorithm,obviously. I was searching the Oliver Stone's film about George Bush entitled "W." ..well..I typed in W and then search but , surprise,...the film is not listed.....but it's on filmaster ( )

MalviLLe MalviLLe skomentował(a) DISTRICT 9: Cat food for the "prawns" and caviar to the general (ChrisKnipp)

©Chris Knipp 2009 .....I'm confused, what does it mean? Isn't it under Creative Commons? ( )

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